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A retail-centric security event

Increasing Cyber Resilience for Retail

Addressing the modern threat landscape with Endpoint Security

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About the event

Cyber security is an increasingly complex field evolving at breakneck speed. In the last year alone, 69% of retailers have been affected by ransomware attacks. Retail digital transformation initiatives with an increasing number of mobile devices and endpoints across stores, make retail a prime target for cybercriminals.

Off-the-shelf security solutions on their own are not enough to prevent cyber-attacks. Correct configuration, knowing what to look for, and round the clock monitoring are required to identify and stop threats before the damage is done.

In this event playback you'll be able to review retail best practice for unified endpoint security and better understand the evolving threat landscape facing retailers.

What we cover


Retail-specific insights

The key threats and security challenges facing the retail sector discussed by a panel of experts and a group of industry peers.


Expert domain knowledge 

The world-renowned threat management expertise of Sophos, combined with PMC's retail domain knowledge provides insights into the modern threat landscape and the state of ransomware across the retail industry.



The event is specifically designed to arm retailers with practical strategies and a deep understanding of how to protect their organisations from cyber attacks.


Live lab presentation

The team from Sophos labs provide an exclusive, behind the scenes insight into modern threat research and intelligence.


'Exploited Vulnerability' is the cause in 41% of cyber attacks in retail*


69% of retailers have been affected by ransomware attacks in the last year*



38% of retailers hit by ransomware attacks lost significant business revenue as a result*

*The State of Ransomware 2023 report, Sophos